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Excavator Undercarriage Parts


what can you expect more?

Our offer of undercarriage parts is unique in the market. Our technicians follow the strictest quality procedures to finalise the produce. After extensive testing, the parts are then placed in stock.


The welding process of the MIC roller body ensure there is sufficient penetration between weld materials and the roller shells.


This deep-permeability welding process ensures that the entire wheel body has sufficient strength and wear resistance in a variety of harsh working environments.

Industrial design

Extremely robust construction throughout-made of high-quality, durable materials, with all welded structures designed to limit stresses.

Adapted models

Single and double-edge track roller suits for excavating machine and special machinery ranging 3 to 50 tons.

roduction process

Assembly line has multiple workbench, The rollers are automatically washed before assembling by the washer to guarantee the cleanness and sealing performance of the production.


At the same time, in addition to strict compliance with international ISO9001 quality standards and process requirements, MIC also uses the most advanced modern heat treatment and spray cooling technology. This heat treatment can increase the service life of the track roller.

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