Track Link and Track Shoes

Tracks – The Foundation of Mobility

Excavator Undercarriage Parts


what can you expect more?

Our offer of undercarriage parts is unique in the market. Our technicians follow the strictest quality procedures to finalise the produce. After extensive testing, the parts are then placed in stock.


The welding process of the MIC roller body ensure there is sufficient penetration between weld materials and the roller shells.


This deep-permeability welding process ensures that the entire wheel body has sufficient strength and wear resistance in a variety of harsh working environments.

Industrial design

The broadly optional track link assembly, with pitch from 101 to 216,suits for bulldozing equipment and special machinery of most sizes.

Adapted models

All the spare parts are equipped with the most advanced and efficient modern heat treatment process to achieve the perfect match and mechanical properties.

roduction process

heat treatment processes are heat treated and hardened by “integral heat treatment” or “onetime quenching” to ensure the uniformity of hardness and the toughness of the product.

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